Get Started as an EpiCamera user!

1. Register as a User
Create your EpiCamera account here and enjoy FREE 1GB storage for one camera! You can opt to upgrade your plans if you require more storage space.
2. Camera Setup
a) Configure Port Forwarding / NAT
b) Configure the Dynamic DNS
c) Configure the FTP Setting
3. Cloud Setup
Login and proceed to List of Camera and click on Add Camera. Refer to our Camera Configuration Guide to Embed Live Streaming.

EpiCamera Cloud Video Surveillance at Your Finger Tips
Easy Playback and Viewing on the Computer, Smartphone or Tablet

Internet Based Surveillance
Monitor your premises anytime anywhere via cameras through EpiCamera website or apps!
Multi-level User Device Compatibility
Seamless monitoring capabilities from any user device: on a browser or IOs/Android mobile apps.
Data Security
Security is our top priority. All data — including video feeds — is encrypted and remotely stored through Amazon Web Server.
Store on Cloud
EpiCamera provides cloud storage services to securely store the recorded frames from your camera.
Connect with any Camera
Watch anytime, anywhere
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